iTake-Over Released Today

Front Cover_iTake-OveriTake-Over: The Recording Industry in the Digital Era was released today by Rowman & Littlefield. Be sure to grab your copy. Continue reading


iTake-Over Press Release

Book decries methods of the recording industry in the digital age – News Center – UT Arlington.

A new book by a UT Arlington assistant professor reveals how large corporations exploited new technologies to maintain their stranglehold on the music industry.

David Arditi, an assistant professor in Interdisciplinary Studies, wrote “iTake-Over: The Recording Industry in the Digital Era,” published by R&L Publishers.  It will hit shelves Dec. 5.

iTake-Over coming in December

The recording industry has been going through a digital transformation over the past 20 years. However, this is only the most media recent Front Cover_iTake-Overtransition in a culture industry that is marked by constant change. In iTake-Over: The Recording Industry in the Digital Era, I explore this transition by interrogating the rhetoric about music’s pending death. Published by Rowman & Littlefield, the book intervenes in the reductive discussion about music piracy. By arguing that file-sharing is piracy, the major record labels have convinced the people, Congress and the judicial system to change both music listening practice and law. As a result of this transition, I argue the major record labels are economically and politically more powerful than ever before. To learn more, you should order your copy now.